Sunday, December 21, 2014

tis the season

It's quiet in the house tonight. The girls are sleeping, J has been working at the hospital since before we woke up today, and Momma finally gets a moment to sit back and reflect on the most wonderful time of the year.

Confession: When I picture Christmastime in my head - especially with littles now - I picture singing Christmas songs next to a sparkly lit tree topped with an angel, baking cookies - topping them with pretty sprinkles and being covered in flour from head to toe, cozy nights in front of the TV watching our favorite Christmas classics, and visions of sugar plums dancing in my head as I fall asleep.

Reality: All of that happening + chaos + whining kiddies + a very disappointed sneaky toddler who finds Christmas gifts and gets very mad at Momma when she takes them away to hide again + crazy shopping trips where babies would rather be at home snuggling + sweating my butt off while trying to keep said kiddies entertained all day and night while also trying to get work orders out on time.

Only thing that matters in that reality bit: The fact that the way I picture Christmastime in my head happily happens in between the chaos of the season. And those memories are the ONLY ones I will remember year after year!

The warmth and coziness of our home during the season, a Christmas song-singing toddler, pretty cookies, home decorating, tree trimming, festive events, Christmas jammies, holiday movies and reading Christmas books galore -- those are just some of my favorite moments I will always cherish with my family throughout the holidays and wish for year after year.

It may have taken us several nights to decorate the tree in between J's crazy schedule, but that just meant more nights of memories, and more nights for E to learn all about Christmas traditions. Perhaps one of her favorites: train time with Daddy.

Seeing her eyes light up at the first sound of the 'alllll aboard!' followed by the fun sounds and sight of the train chugging around the tree was pure magic for all of us. Gosh, my momma heart was freakin' happy in that moment watching E's eyes as I laid back on a cozy, designated 'Christmastime only' blanket with Baby A! Yes, I thank my lucky stars every day to be so blessed with the family I have.

There is just something about the holiday season that makes me so, so giddy. The Christmas station is programmed in in my car and there is no changing it until after New Years - yes, I am one of those. But you should already know that by now. I prance around the house jammin' out to Sounds of the Season in my loudest singing voice possible. It makes my girlies smile, and join in of course. E may think that every Christmas song is 'Jingle Bells', and I'm perfectly fine with that! Starting her young, you know.

Joy to the freakin' world, it's Christmastime, friends!

Being able to do Christmas crafts with E, like the wreath above, might possibly be one of my favorite things about having children! ha..I do love it!

Whilst many of you out there get annoyed with the early Christmas music and festiveness, I am quite the opposite. Sometimes I wish the Christmas season would last half the year! But then I remember it wouldn't be as special ;) I do wait until after Thanksgiving to get all festive, though. No worries!

We got to add a new stocking to the mantle this year. And the significance of that brings much joy to my life!

Our first timer is takin' it all in this year -- learning the ropes for next year and every year to follow. I think her favorite might be the cuddles on our homemade blanket beds as we watch the classic movies and Christmas specials together. Home Alone tops the charts for me, hands down.

She's enjoyed sitting tree-side, watching us string lights around the tree and accessorize it with the most special ornaments (and non-special, i.e. a pickle) we have.

You know what else gets my holiday spirits bursting through the roof -- all the scents of the season! That's what real Christmas trees are for! + festive candles and baked goodies, too! They say that scents can trigger long-forgotten memories, and what better time than Christmastime to trigger childhood memories.

"Pretty, momma! Smells pretty!"

The smell of the wide array of Christmas cookies GG baked while here -- oh yesss, the scents brought back so many memories! And the taste as well -- she baked some of her originals she makes year after year, and E couldn't have been happier.

"Momma, this so fun!! Cookies! Fun!"

Have you ever seen the Easter bunny baking Christmas Cookies? Now ya have!

Hearing her sweet voice say that while baking cookies with GG in the kitchen reminded me of all the times I'd bake with GG when I was younger (and even in college, too, let's be honest!) And they used GG's very old sifter - the same sifter my mom would use while baking Christmas cookies in the kitchen as a kid with GG. Oh, the memories that sifter has witnessed..haha ;)

Spending time with family has been wonderful when they've come to visit, and we are so thankful we will be able to spend Christmas Eve & Day with our families, even if only going down for a very short while! As a physician, there will be plenty of times J has to work holidays, but this year we are getting lucky. Thank goodness as it is Baby A's very first Christmas!

Spending whatever short amount of time we get with J while he's here at the house, we cherish. Seeing festive touches around our own very first home, I cherish. And making Christmas memories with my babies, I really, really cherish!

Daddy bought E her very own Christmas tree and the happiness it's brought her is just adorable. She is sure to tell everyone about the "E tree" and the "Daddy tree". Mommy and Baby A don't have their own trees, in her eyes! ha.

Caught her admiring her tree one afternoon.

Tis the season to be jolly.

Falalalala. La la la laaaa!

Hope you're having a wonderful Christmas season - from our tacky family to yours!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Baby A {2 Months}

It's no surprise that I am slacking here, is it? I started this post I can't even tell you how long ago. Distractions, other projects, baby cuddles and feedings, and toddler melt downs and/or beyond exciting toddler stories may have added to the halt on this post. But, here we are only a few weeks late! Our littlest baby girl turned 2 months old on November 26, 2014 :) So this post is about her little life between 1 and 2 months, even though she's now moving right along into the third month soon. But not yet, let's slow down and enjoy her while she is still my 2 month old! We've had family in town for just about the entire last month, which has been wonderful seeing so many familiar faces in our neck of the woods! Baby girl had a wonderful 2nd month of life and we have had so much fun with all her new milestones every day.

She is such a sweet baby and her smiles, coupled with her pretty little dimples, make my heart melt! I sure do love having a newborn to hug, kiss, and cuddle with!

Baby A {2 Months}

baby monthly photo ideas 2 months baby photo

2 month stats:: 9 lbs, 2.5 oz
(10th% for weight)

2 month baby girl photo

Baby girl nurses about 7 times a day and it is much smoother than the long drawn out painful nursing experience I had with E..whew! Thank goodness for that.  She is certainly a very efficient eater and gets a lot with each feeding!

Since I don't have eating photos, I'll leave you with a "burping" baby girl photo haha..cute little Minnie :)

I must say we are very, and I mean very, lucky with the way our sweet girl sleeps! She is still in our room in the bassinet and sleeping from around 8:45pm-ish til about 6am-ish. I've been trying to get her on a decent nap schedule and we usually get a nice long nap in the afternoon, overlapping with E's nap.  And well, it is just an added bonus that she just looks so precious while sleeping :) Oh, I love her!

When baby girl naps on Daddy...'s no surprise that he naps, too. Just give it 3.5 minutes.



Baby A had her very first Disney World trip at a mere 6.5 weeks old. We went to celebrate E's 2nd birthday (yes, she's TWO now, ahh! - hopefully a post will come on that, too, along with the many others I've been slacking on).

She donned her best Minnie outfit.

And met the real mouse herself - just two Minnie's - face to face. Minnie asked (in her let's-play-sharades hand gestures) how old Baby A was and proceeded to share (hand gesture) how it melted her heart!

We had their BFF's (so far, by default - soon to be by choice!) come meet us at Downtown Disney to celebrate E's birthday. FIVE girls between the two of us, ahh!


Baby A has been loving her play mat, and started to really watch the lights and hanging toys above at around 7 weeks.

Her smiles melt us and remind us just how lucky we are, how blessed we have been, and how wonderful she has made our family! We are very, very lucky. I can stare at her face for minutes on end and just be reminded that everything else in the world truly doesn't matter, nor compare to how blessed we truly are to have this beautiful girl, along with her big sis E.


E has still been loving her role as big sis and tries to cuddle and love on A a little too much. I often have to remind her that she can't just do whatever she wants with A, like attempting to pick her up onto her lap or hand her every toy in sight. She is always sure to tell me when A is starting to cry and then follow with her loudest "SHE NEEDS HER PACI MOMMY!!!! PACI! PACI! A NEEDS HER PACI RIGHT NOW!" in the greatest concern possible. Just doin' her job, you know!

E sits on the couch with her hands out asking "I take it?! I take it?!" ready to hold her and love on her. Apparently I need to teach her 'it' should be substituted for "her". "I take her?!" would be the better way to ask ;) She is quite the help, though. She really does do anything I ask her to do to make my life a little easier, and I'm so thankful she's such a sweet big sister (most of the time!!)


As a momma to two now, I admit that it is a bit harder to manage my time and get all the cuddles and quiet time with my newborn that I'd love to. Obviously, getting better at managing my time will come in time, see how that works?! We're still learning the ropes of life as a family of four, and really, it's usually just the girls and I while Daddy works long, long hours and days this year! I strive to get as much cuddle time with Baby A as possible, but obviously not as easy with a wild child 2 year old running crazy at times. So while E is napping or playing independently, I am sure to admire my sweet baby A and soak up all the time I can while she is so new, teeny-tiny, sweet and calm.

To admire the innocence and sweetness of a brand new life blossoming is a blessing and makes my momma heart burst. Seeing Baby A reach new milestones every day and watch how happy the littlest things (aka momma's crazy faces/noises) make her is so wonderful.

Happy 2 Months, baby girl! We love everything about YOU and love everything that you bring to US as a family! Most importantly, WE LOVE YOU!