Sunday, August 17, 2014

a little bit of life lately

The calming effects of settling in are finally bestowing upon us. The never-ending to-do list is finally dwindling down (to only about 634 things to do versus 23,458, if you know what I mean.) Surely there is still much to do around the house, but I feel we are getting to a point where we can start relaxing a little and taking the time to enjoy being a family and making new friends and putting the to-do list on the back burner full of things that "can wait til another day."

Nothing has been hung around the house, except for in the girls' nursery/toddler combo room, which is my current labor of love. And let me tell you, apparently they built walls a bit better in 1922 than they do now-a-days, because we can't get a damn thing into those walls. Push pins don't push in and we've bent a ratio of at least 4 nails for every 1 that we've actually been able to hammer in. Our walls may be bare for a little while longer, but it's not stopping us from moving forward, inviting friends over, and starting to enjoy the perks of being homeowners.

Like walking to dinners and grabbing drinks for hubby (and soon to be me!), and coming home to relax out back with music and drinks (La Croix for this momma) and pool days for baby girl.

Excuse the iPhone photos that will fill this post ;)


Our time has also been filled with making friends and making memories. We had a pool play date with the other little kiddies from the residency program, followed by a trip for E and I to Daytona Beach with my family.

We're making friends, E is making friends, and we're simply getting used to our new life.

And trying to get all the "simmin'" in we can this summer, whether it's in a real pool or a kiddy pool - she dunks her head under no matter what.

New baby friends!

Just one of the beautiful views from the marina a few minutes from us where new friends live -- gorgeous!

And we busted the camera out just a little too late to get all momma's from the play date in, but here are a few of us :) Between the 3 of us, we have 5 1/2 (almost 6!) sweet little girls.

Our little girl might be the craziest, but who's taking note?


The very next day E and I packed up the car and headed to Daytona Beach to meet some of my family and the kiddies for a fun-in-the-sun weekend. Sadly, there were barely any pictures taken on my end, but I busted out the iPhone camera a few times to capture a glimpse of our family weekend together.

Ocean Walk Resort Daytona Beach

E had WAY too much fun with her cousins at this beautiful place. She likes to be the youngest little ring leader, making everyone screech and chase her around. Girl could not stop cracking up and giggling like crazy at all of her cousins. Makes me so happy to see her so happy with all of them :) Thankful for these getaways together!


Following that has been operation HOUSE. Cleaning, organizing, getting completely unpacked (if that ever happens...) and then it's time to make room for BABY! We've been slacking there and need a few things to get ready to bring a new sweet baby home, so that is next on that never-ending to-do list I was speaking of ;) But who can complain about getting ready for a cuddly new baby?! We are so looking forward to meeting her!

In between our madness, we are doing what we do best -- loungin'.

And loving every moment of it.


But what would a random thrown together "life lately" post be without a little pregnancy update?!

32 weeks pregnant

Sadly, I have not found time to document this pregnancy the way I did last time around. However, I have enjoyed it just as much! I truly love being pregnant. It's such a special and short time in some women's lives and I truly feel blessed to be able to experience all that pregnancy has to offer.

I was diagnosed with a mild case of Gestational Diabetes, which I did not have with E, so it's surely been a little different in terms of eating a strict diet on a routine and what not, but we are making it work. I just started with weekly Non-Stress Tests to monitor baby's heart rate and my contractions, followed by a weekly ultrasound to test her movements and of course keeping tabs on my blood sugars. I think that all the testing makes things seem a bit scarier (and a hell of a lot longer) than the usual run-of-the-mill 5 minute 3rd trimester appointments, but whatever it takes to make sure baby is doing good is okay in my book!

I've been feeling great and having lots of Braxton Hicks contractions and baby girl is head down and ready to make her debut in a few weeks. I'm trying to soak up every moment of having this sweet girl tumble in my belly and with me every move I make, while preparing for her arrival and enjoying these last few weeks of my pregnancy!


J will be finishing up another rotation month the end of this week. I've enjoyed him being on ortho a bit more than I did when he was on EM, but now it's on to the next - IM!

CHEERS to the end of a great week and the start of a new one!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

a mid-week weekend

Much like learning to ride a new set of wheels -- this whole adjusting to a new (crazy) job, new city, new life thing we have going on can be a daunting task to master the cycle of those mysterious pedals to get the big wheels turning, moving you forward to where you want to go.

Yup, it's pretty similar to mastering the art of a new routine, new family dynamics, new friend meet ups, and just plain navigating your way around the new streets of an unfamiliar city. But just like the moment you finally get the hang of riding your first bike and never look back as it just becomes a natural ability, getting the hang of your new life in a new city will soon, too, become a thing of the past. We'll navigate our way through the adjustment and learning period and go about our normal life like pros, enjoying the wind blowing through our hair as we coast along the wonderful ride. It may get frustating at times, and there may be a few hiccups and bumps (or scraped knees) along the way, but we're certain we'll get there. Just like pros, you know!

Just keep goin', it'll get better, baby! It'll get better :)


After what seemed like the world's worst month's schedule in the ER for J (yes, I'm being a bit overdramatic here!), he started a new rotation and the resident he was working under must have secretly known just how much E and I needed J around for even just a few hours! He gave him two nights off in a row. TWO! Since we no longer have weekends to look forward to, we celebrated with a little mid-week 'weekend' that refueled the energy we were beginning to burn and burn and burn.

High five to that!
daddy and daughter high fiving

Just checkin' out Daddy's 'Emma bird' tattoo, asking where her's is. Uh oh...

We celebrated by doing some of our favorite things.

Like running free at the beach...

Exploring the lush greens of the great outdoors bushes of our backyard...

Eating popsicles and puppy ice cream... (and letting it drip all over our hands like it's our first time eating a popsicle....oh wait, it is!)

Watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while winding down in a diaper...

Hanging in the backyard, grilling, and enjoying time spent with Grandma and Grandpa who just came for a visit...

And we can't forget checking out other little cuties in diapers bird watching on the beach.


Getting the chance to spend time together as a family is pure happiness for all of us. Must take advantage!

We may still have lots of work to do with the house, but during our mid-week weekend, we put that aside. We took the time to have fun, to do as we pleased, and to just relax in the best kind of way.

Sleepy baby and all -- we still enjoyed!

We found beauty wherever we could, and it truly refueled us just when we were running on empty, until the next time we get to do the same.

With the move behind us and the settling into our new adventure upon us, we are now fully enjoying whatever Summer has left to offer.

And we know there is always much being offered to us. Adventures, relaxation, cuddles, and plain ol' good times -- it's all being thrown our way when we get these opportunities as a family (even when they only come in small doses) and we just have to know where to find them and how to enjoy them. So thank you, Summer, for all you've offered us thus far :)

Just trying to learn the ropes still and figure out exactly how to keep those pedals moving forward. Learning how to ride that trike (or settle into a 'new' lifestyle) is all just a part of the journey... and we're here to enjoy it all.


....but I especially enjoy those mid-week weekends together :) That resident whom I do not even know is a little bit of my hero right now and he doesn't even know it..ha!

Hope the rest of you are enjoying this 'real' weekend upon us now. Happy Saturday, friends!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

the unblogged photoshoots (until now!)

It happened too little this past year. You know, during our year of merriment, fun, and chaos - the exhilarating opportunity to snap memorable photos that will make their way deep into the pages of family photo albums to look back on, or in today's case, make it's way deep into the files of a flash drive or CD which, too, will soon be outdated.

Print your pictures, people. Print them now before you lose 'em to today's technology foreverrr! And remind me to do the same some time soon, please :)

But, back to the original statement here. In between the traveling, the family barbeques, the E + kiddy cousin time, and the hours spent working on the computer, I wish I had the enriching feeling of sitting at my computer with a candle lit and music playing to edit photos to my heart's content. It makes me happy. I always know post-shoot which photo I am most excited to go home and edit. It starts with a quick "ooh let me get these uploaded ASAP!", before doing ANYTHING else, like changing a diaper or kissing someone hello! It's usually followed with a 'oh wait, let me clear all this crap off my desk before I go insane' because when I edit, I like the comfort of a clean space and candle flickering peacefully. And then, after fulfilling any motherly duties calling my name, I sit back and watch my little creations come together. And it makes me so happy!

I do wish this happened much more frequently, but I can't complain about all the fun being had instead. I didn't get the chance to blog much, so behold my favorite unblogged photoshoots, in no particular order :)

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 Well, that about does it for now. Ready to keep my creative juices flowin'!

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