Saturday, September 20, 2014

life at home with just a tot

Somewhere between the ‘I-feel-like-Super-Mom’ days and the ‘Did-she-really-just-watch-TV-and-hang-around-all-day-in-her-pajamas?’ days are relatively common days that we generally strive for. Sure, I wish I could feel like Super Mom everyday, but being 100% honest, those days seem to happen less frequently than the pajama days. So you know, those in between days - where we do a little bit of learning, a little bit of dancing, and a little bit of cuddling while watching some Mickey Mouse clubhouse – are what keep us happy and content around here.

toddler room reading nook

The bittersweet truth is that my days at home with just a tot are dwindling down. I am beyond excited to welcome E’s little sister into this world and have tons of sweet newborn cuddles and watch the two of them bond, yet I am also feeling a bit sad for how E’s whole little world is about to change and she really doesn’t know what she’s in for. Surely her time with Mommy & Daddy will have to be split with her sis now and it won’t be ALL about E anymore (yet I will do my best to love on her just as much as I do now!) But I know she will absolutely love being a big sister and having a pretty little babe to love on and help Mommy take care of!

toddler activities at home

So in the mean time, I thought I’d share a little about how our days at home usually go. Yes, there are plenty of days filled with play dates, park dates, shopping trips, and more – but here, let’s just take a little look at life at HOME with just my toddler ☺ They sure are wonderful! (and tiring, of course!)

Daddy usually leaves the house before E or myself are even awake. He gives kisses to his sleepy girls and is on his way before the sun comes up. Shortly after, E makes her way from her room into our bed (if she didn’t already do so at 5am!). She walks right in, shuts the door behind her, and hops in bed under the blankets to cuddle with me and get just a little more sleep in. Our mornings together are glorious.

toddler laying in mommy and daddys bed

Not long after, she’s begging me to ‘Come on Momma! Get up! Time for ‘frekfast’!” And up for the day we are. We eat a little breakfast together, watch a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Doc McStuffins and Momma gets to work on the computer. She usually isn’t too happy about it these days, but I gotta do what I gotta do – plus it gives her time to play independently and I love watching all her explorations and fun she has just making things up on her own.

toddler sitting at computer desk
Is she mocking Momma sitting at the computer doing work..?!

toddler coloring with markers crayola color wonders metallic

I've been trying to get her to do more activities to keep her busy - such as painting, coloring with markers, colored pencils, etc. (Somehow the girl still finds her way into the permanent markers, which she excitedly draws all down her legs with) and she's been really into flash cards and such.

toddler activities at home

We've been making things for her sissy so she has something to bring when she visits her in the hospital :) She has been saying 'Mine!' to most of the gifts when we're done, so the other day while strolling through the aisles of Hobby Lobby I gave her a little life lesson on sharing! Ha...but later that day at home after painting a little wooden train for her sis, I told her we can wrap it up for her sister and she held it up, looked at me and said "I share!" - so proud of that sweet, pretty girl! ;)

toddler painting a wooden toy

GG brought her these flash cards/matching cards when she came to visit and E has been in love with them! She's got all the animals/insects down on them and matches them up every time, proudly celebrating each match with a big "I DID IT!"

toddler flash cards matching cards

rainy day activities for toddlers

Of course there are the rainy days where the park is certainly not an option, so that's when we look out the window, talk about the rain and thunder and stay inside to play our own games! Or we read, lots and LOTS of stories, because of course we need "more 'tories', right Momma?"

toddler room reading center

toddler looking out the window and watching tv

And we watch a little TV, too. Or well, she does while Momma works! Yes, I'm aware that TV is not the best option. But I'm also not going to deny that it happens around here! Luckily this girl learns a lot from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and it shocks me the stuff she screams at the TV while interacting with good ol' Oh Tooooodles!

We eat lunch together (and with a Gestational Diabetes diet, I pretty much eat the same lunches as her..We keep it pretty toddler friendly around here for Momma, too! Not much longer, though), we read stories before nap time and then she takes her nap while I try to tidy up the damage left behind from the toddler tornado that she is.

If we can't take it any longer on rainy days, or if we get a little stir crazy, we go outside and play, even if it's drizzling. Or we go for a walk only to get rained on anyway. Fun stuff.

toddler playing in the rain

When the weather is nice, we have sidewalk chalk days, trike days, pool days, and run-around-like-crazy-falling-a-million-times-days outside.

Yes, I jump the gun on Fall.

And she plays a TON with this guy, chasing him around and making herself crack up while petting and hugging and tugging on him. They love each other :)

Daddy's schedule varies between working nights, weekends, days, etc. (we obviously love when he works days the most) and we're able to wind down and tidy up before he gets home and eat dinner together as a family before the two of us put E to bed together. Those days are all of our favorites and I'm thankful when we get to do that. Now he's wrapping up a nicer schedule rotation to start a less-than-desirable schedule on OB - so our days change week to week sometimes and always month to month. I try to maintain a normal routine with E, but she's pretty good and flexible when things change so frequently.

Super Mom days are wonderful. The days where I feel I've accomplished nothing and felt more frustrated than not, I feel pretty down about my job as Mom. But I know she wakes up every day excited about our day and doesn't view me any different, even when I feel I've not done my best. My days at home with just my tot can get hectic, especially because I do work from home and some stuff requires a deadline. Otherwise, I'll wait until my little beauty goes to sleep and catch up on work at night. No matter how hectic or frustrated I get at times, I 100% would not have it any other way! She lights up my days in so many ways and I can never get tired of the new surprises she springs upon me each day. We always have so many stories for Daddy when he gets home. And with the new addition of baby girl coming soon, we know our days may be different than they are now, but our stories for Daddy will only grow more and more exciting! And this little happy girl is ready to take 'Big Sister' role on like it's her job.

Here's to the toddler days!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Freshly Picked + Fall Printables WINNER!

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Home Tour Series {Master Bedroom - A Gray, Yellow, Teal/Aqua, Black & White Room}

Moving along from the nursery/toddler room tour, it's time to check out the master re-do!

When we moved in, the walls were some shade of a light sage. They looked great with the previous homeowner's decor, but not ours. We have my mother-in-law to thank for painting this room :)

black and white, gray yellow teal master bedroom decor ideas

We went with Valspar's Gossamer Sky for the walls. A bit brighter than we anticipated, but love it nonetheless!

valspar gossamer sky light aqua paint walls; yellow teal gray room decor

We used touches of decor from our old homes; along with a few new additions (like the lamps, pillows, and bed frame).

white vintage open frames hanging on wall master bedroom

yellow teal room decor; valspar gossamer sky paint; light aqua master bedroom

I am the queen of swapping out comforters/quilts to completely change the decor of a room. I get over comforters pretty quickly, but after going on a mission to find this quilt shortly after we got married, I have been determined to make it work for at least a few years! And I am doing just that, because I do still love it!

If you remember our previous master bedroom, we just used gray and yellow (and black/white)..and after getting over that, I decided to give the look a twist by adding in some teal/turquoise/aqua.

teal yellow master bedroom

yellow turquoise white bedroom decor

I picked up this little white vanity from the antique shop down the street (since our bathroom space is extremely limited!) You can imagine how much E loves this thing. I catch her there 90% of the time when I hear silence...and there she is, decorating her pretty little face with make up. Oh boyyy. Which is why I now keep the makeup and jewelry on the dresser ;)

white vanity from antique shop

We used some of the same black and white photos/canvases we previously had and I also ordered the family one for my side of the bed (which will have to be updated soon!)

black and white canvases in master bedroom decor

light aqua master bedroom decor; aqua and yellow master bedroom; yellow gray aqua bedroom

I wanted a variety of textures on the pillows to add some dimension to the room. They are all from different places, but love the way they came together!

master bedroom decor pillows yellow and aqua

light and airy white aqua master bedroom

We are certainly enjoying the comfort our 'new' room brings us! Room by room, our home has slowly come together and it's becoming more and more 'US' :)


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Monday, September 1, 2014

Freshly Picked Giveaway {September 2014} + Fall Printables Giveaway!!

It's September, ladies and gentlemen!! Fall is just around the corner and I am pumped for the start of it. We're ready for the cooler crisp air (not the cold though, folks!) and ready for the crock pot meals, pumpkins on the porch, and fall beers (in about a month for me!). September could potentially be our new baby girl's birth month as well! That's crazy talk if you ask me.

Happy, Happy Labor Day & Happy, Happy September!!

freshly picked moccasins giveaway september 2014 by becoming the barrs
To celebrate Labor Day and kick off the {almost} start of Fall 2014, we are giving away a pair of my most favorite baby and tot shoes -- Freshly Picked Moccasins, of course - in your choice of color and size (a $60 value!) Did you see Susan on Shark Tank with these beauties?! And also giving away all SIX Fall printables I made for my shop {The Barrtique}.


Many of you remember E's gorgeous gold Freshly Picked moccs. While we had tons of other baby shoes, nothing beat these babies! They were the ONLY shoes to stay on her baby feet and they were certainly the cutest, too. She got compliments everywhere we went. From kids to sweet elderly women passing us by -- everyone commented on those shiny gold moccs!


And then, our baby girl learned to walk in her Freshly Picked moccasins. They were wonderful for a new walker, and even on ALL terrains. The best part about it was her adorable baby foot prints that are forever marked on the bottom of the moccasins.

best shoes for a beginner walker; new walker baby shoes

This year, we're rockin' the Freshly Picked Golden Rod Limited Edition moccasins, which go along perfectly with our yellow front door we painted - just in time for Fall!

goldenrod freshly picked moccasins giveaway

I think this tot is happy to have these comfy beauties back on her little feetsies!

best shoes for new walker

She's such a curious explorer, and she's happy to wear them anywhere - grass, dirt, beach, indoors, etc. I hope they are her favorite cause they are definitely mine :)

Just doin' what she does best - explorin'.

golden rod free freshly picked moccassins giveaway

Actually, if you know E, you know what she does best is RUN. Run, run, run. Anywhere I go, I am always asked if my child even knows how to walk because she's only ever running from here to there, there to here, and no lie, in circles around anything and everything. She's a quick one. And Freshly Picked moccs are even awesome for all her marathon running endeavors!

golden rod freshly picked moccassins giveaway

Thankfully, they protect her feet well from all her falls; her knees on the other hand -- well they're not lookin' so hot these days!

E and I are really ready for Fall, and almost ready to meet her baby sis, who will surely be getting her own pair of FP moccs soon!!

free freshly picked moccasins giveaway september 2014

In the meantime, while we wait for the official start of Fall, let's celebrate!

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

{Labor Day Sale} New Invitations Added to The Barrtique | Fall Themed Invitations

Happy Labor Day Weekend Everyone!! & Of course, Happy College Football Weekend! Love that background noise, love watching College Game Day in the mornings, and love the Fall feeling weather -- too bad it's still in the 90's here and too bad my hubby is working a 13 hour shift today. Hoping to get to that Fall weather soon to make football days feel that much better!! :)

To kick off Labor Day Weekend, there have been some new items added to the Etsy shop {shown below} - some Fall inspired invitations to suit your fall showers and celebrations :)

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rustic fall themed bridal shower invitation

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fall rustic stock the bar invitation

fall rustic stock the bar housewarming party invitation

rustic halloween party invitations

rustic feminine bachelorette party itinerary invitation; bachelorette party timeline invitation; bachelorette party schedule printable

black white stripe glitter bridal shower invitation floral

black white glitter baby shower invitation chic

ombre glitter first birthday invitation; pink ombre birthday party; teal ombre birthday invitation; ombre and glitter invitation



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