Tuesday, October 21, 2014


We are so thrilled to announce the birth of our second beautiful baby girl!

Our sweet baby was born on September 26, 2014 at 7:21am,
and for the past 3 weeks we have been loving and cuddling
all 6 pounds, 8 ounces of our newborn beauty!

We're enjoying life as a family of four and soaking up every moment of these wonderful newborn days.

Our girl at just 24 hours young :) --

The delivery went well and you can look for a birth story to follow in the near future :) For now, let's just enjoy fewer words and more photos of this sweet, calm and very sleepy baby girl!

Baby girl has all of us wrapped around her finger -- including her big sister who is doing a wonderful job in her new role!

We are BEYOND thankful, of course, that the delivery went well and our beautiful girl is here safe in our arms!
Time to go cuddle with that little squishy babe now! ;)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

the one who made me a momma

Perhaps it's because I am reaching the end of my pregnancy - well let's be honest, that is the reason - I am feeling particular sappy these days!

The past few nap times and bed times, I've caught myself laying longer and longer in her bed with my sweet girl - the one who made me a momma for the very first time. I've caught myself just staring at her and thinking of how much she's grown already and how blessed our lives have been since she made us a family. And I've caught myself truly trying to soak up each and every quiet moment I have to just enjoy E & Mommy time with no distractions. I feel lucky to have the moments I do with her.

Very soon, we will have moments where we lay together as an even bigger family! E on one side of me and a teeny tiny beautiful girl in my other arm. I picture those moments and smile. I smile because I know another baby will make my heart even more happy, full, and so very thankful. I'll be filled with a love I couldn't even imagine at one point in time. And seeing E as a big sister will make my momma heart melt. How has 22 months passed since I gave birth to this beauty?!

It's the times when she's sleeping peacefully in her big girl bed and I'm laying beside her listening to the beach waves white noise, when I start to reminisce on the time she was born. I think of how my whole world changed in an instant and the love between Daddy and I grew even stronger. We'd watch our brand new newborn in disbelief that she was OURS and that we created that little beauty. We couldn't believe we were parents, and thanked our lucky stars that she was brought to us.

22 months later, we still cannot get over her and all her beauty - inside and out. The personality on this one can't even be described. She is freakin' hilarious, and I promise it's not just our mommy and daddy goggles on haha ;) She amazes us everyday and cracks us up multiple times each day. 22 months of pure, pure joy so far!

Daddy has his special bond with her that mommy can't replace, and the same goes for E & momma (I mean, she just loves me so much, what can I say?!)

While our moments as a family of three are coming to a close, the amazing chapter of 'family of four' is about to bombard us with more love, excitement, and insanely proud mommy and daddy moments of our babies. We know we'll gawk over the squirmy faces and sweet expressions our newborn makes and stare in disbelief that we created another little girl, and we know we'll grow even more proud of E while watching her love on her little sister.

In the excitement leading up to welcoming E's little sister, we've been soaking up the sun, fun, and start to the beautiful Fall weather that has just begun to grace us.

We've been preparing E for the arrival of her sister and she can't wait to meet her 'baby'. Soon all the belly kisses will be real baby kisses and we can't wait to see her eyes light up when she meets her.

I am so lucky for the special moments I have with her every day and cannot wait to share those moments with our newborn. I've been dreaming of the cuddles and love with her brand new little life for some time now and while I will miss her squirms in my belly, I'm so thrilled to have her squirm in my arms. Momma's heart is feeling full, happy, and sappy right now -- E has truly shown me how amazing being a Mommy is and it's the most wonderful feeling in the world to wake up to this face!

I love you, my little cupcake! Time to show all you have at being a big sister! But let's be honest, you'll always be my baby! You're the one who made me a momma, after all :)

Saturday, September 20, 2014

life at home with just a tot

Somewhere between the ‘I-feel-like-Super-Mom’ days and the ‘Did-she-really-just-watch-TV-and-hang-around-all-day-in-her-pajamas?’ days are relatively common days that we generally strive for. Sure, I wish I could feel like Super Mom everyday, but being 100% honest, those days seem to happen less frequently than the pajama days. So you know, those in between days - where we do a little bit of learning, a little bit of dancing, and a little bit of cuddling while watching some Mickey Mouse clubhouse – are what keep us happy and content around here.

toddler room reading nook

The bittersweet truth is that my days at home with just a tot are dwindling down. I am beyond excited to welcome E’s little sister into this world and have tons of sweet newborn cuddles and watch the two of them bond, yet I am also feeling a bit sad for how E’s whole little world is about to change and she really doesn’t know what she’s in for. Surely her time with Mommy & Daddy will have to be split with her sis now and it won’t be ALL about E anymore (yet I will do my best to love on her just as much as I do now!) But I know she will absolutely love being a big sister and having a pretty little babe to love on and help Mommy take care of!

toddler activities at home

So in the mean time, I thought I’d share a little about how our days at home usually go. Yes, there are plenty of days filled with play dates, park dates, shopping trips, and more – but here, let’s just take a little look at life at HOME with just my toddler ☺ They sure are wonderful! (and tiring, of course!)

Daddy usually leaves the house before E or myself are even awake. He gives kisses to his sleepy girls and is on his way before the sun comes up. Shortly after, E makes her way from her room into our bed (if she didn’t already do so at 5am!). She walks right in, shuts the door behind her, and hops in bed under the blankets to cuddle with me and get just a little more sleep in. Our mornings together are glorious.

toddler laying in mommy and daddys bed

Not long after, she’s begging me to ‘Come on Momma! Get up! Time for ‘frekfast’!” And up for the day we are. We eat a little breakfast together, watch a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Doc McStuffins and Momma gets to work on the computer. She usually isn’t too happy about it these days, but I gotta do what I gotta do – plus it gives her time to play independently and I love watching all her explorations and fun she has just making things up on her own.

toddler sitting at computer desk
Is she mocking Momma sitting at the computer doing work..?!

toddler coloring with markers crayola color wonders metallic

I've been trying to get her to do more activities to keep her busy - such as painting, coloring with markers, colored pencils, etc. (Somehow the girl still finds her way into the permanent markers, which she excitedly draws all down her legs with) and she's been really into flash cards and such.

toddler activities at home

We've been making things for her sissy so she has something to bring when she visits her in the hospital :) She has been saying 'Mine!' to most of the gifts when we're done, so the other day while strolling through the aisles of Hobby Lobby I gave her a little life lesson on sharing! Ha...but later that day at home after painting a little wooden train for her sis, I told her we can wrap it up for her sister and she held it up, looked at me and said "I share!" - so proud of that sweet, pretty girl! ;)

toddler painting a wooden toy

GG brought her these flash cards/matching cards when she came to visit and E has been in love with them! She's got all the animals/insects down on them and matches them up every time, proudly celebrating each match with a big "I DID IT!"

toddler flash cards matching cards

rainy day activities for toddlers

Of course there are the rainy days where the park is certainly not an option, so that's when we look out the window, talk about the rain and thunder and stay inside to play our own games! Or we read, lots and LOTS of stories, because of course we need "more 'tories', right Momma?"

toddler room reading center

toddler looking out the window and watching tv

And we watch a little TV, too. Or well, she does while Momma works! Yes, I'm aware that TV is not the best option. But I'm also not going to deny that it happens around here! Luckily this girl learns a lot from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and it shocks me the stuff she screams at the TV while interacting with good ol' Oh Tooooodles!

We eat lunch together (and with a Gestational Diabetes diet, I pretty much eat the same lunches as her..We keep it pretty toddler friendly around here for Momma, too! Not much longer, though), we read stories before nap time and then she takes her nap while I try to tidy up the damage left behind from the toddler tornado that she is.

If we can't take it any longer on rainy days, or if we get a little stir crazy, we go outside and play, even if it's drizzling. Or we go for a walk only to get rained on anyway. Fun stuff.

toddler playing in the rain

When the weather is nice, we have sidewalk chalk days, trike days, pool days, and run-around-like-crazy-falling-a-million-times-days outside.

Yes, I jump the gun on Fall.

And she plays a TON with this guy, chasing him around and making herself crack up while petting and hugging and tugging on him. They love each other :)

Daddy's schedule varies between working nights, weekends, days, etc. (we obviously love when he works days the most) and we're able to wind down and tidy up before he gets home and eat dinner together as a family before the two of us put E to bed together. Those days are all of our favorites and I'm thankful when we get to do that. Now he's wrapping up a nicer schedule rotation to start a less-than-desirable schedule on OB - so our days change week to week sometimes and always month to month. I try to maintain a normal routine with E, but she's pretty good and flexible when things change so frequently.

Super Mom days are wonderful. The days where I feel I've accomplished nothing and felt more frustrated than not, I feel pretty down about my job as Mom. But I know she wakes up every day excited about our day and doesn't view me any different, even when I feel I've not done my best. My days at home with just my tot can get hectic, especially because I do work from home and some stuff requires a deadline. Otherwise, I'll wait until my little beauty goes to sleep and catch up on work at night. No matter how hectic or frustrated I get at times, I 100% would not have it any other way! She lights up my days in so many ways and I can never get tired of the new surprises she springs upon me each day. We always have so many stories for Daddy when he gets home. And with the new addition of baby girl coming soon, we know our days may be different than they are now, but our stories for Daddy will only grow more and more exciting! And this little happy girl is ready to take 'Big Sister' role on like it's her job.

Here's to the toddler days!