Monday, September 1, 2014

Freshly Picked Giveaway {September 2014} + Fall Printables Giveaway!!

It's September, ladies and gentlemen!! Fall is just around the corner and I am pumped for the start of it. We're ready for the cooler crisp air (not the cold though, folks!) and ready for the crock pot meals, pumpkins on the porch, and fall beers (in about a month for me!). September could potentially be our new baby girl's birth month as well! That's crazy talk if you ask me.

Happy, Happy Labor Day & Happy, Happy September!!

freshly picked moccasins giveaway september 2014 by becoming the barrs
To celebrate Labor Day and kick off the {almost} start of Fall 2014, we are giving away a pair of my most favorite baby and tot shoes -- Freshly Picked Moccasins, of course - in your choice of color and size (a $60 value!) Did you see Susan on Shark Tank with these beauties?! And also giving away all SIX Fall printables I made for my shop {The Barrtique}.


Many of you remember E's gorgeous gold Freshly Picked moccs. While we had tons of other baby shoes, nothing beat these babies! They were the ONLY shoes to stay on her baby feet and they were certainly the cutest, too. She got compliments everywhere we went. From kids to sweet elderly women passing us by -- everyone commented on those shiny gold moccs!


And then, our baby girl learned to walk in her Freshly Picked moccasins. They were wonderful for a new walker, and even on ALL terrains. The best part about it was her adorable baby foot prints that are forever marked on the bottom of the moccasins.

best shoes for a beginner walker; new walker baby shoes

This year, we're rockin' the Freshly Picked Golden Rod Limited Edition moccasins, which go along perfectly with our yellow front door we painted - just in time for Fall!

goldenrod freshly picked moccasins giveaway

I think this tot is happy to have these comfy beauties back on her little feetsies!

best shoes for new walker

She's such a curious explorer, and she's happy to wear them anywhere - grass, dirt, beach, indoors, etc. I hope they are her favorite cause they are definitely mine :)

Just doin' what she does best - explorin'.

golden rod free freshly picked moccassins giveaway

Actually, if you know E, you know what she does best is RUN. Run, run, run. Anywhere I go, I am always asked if my child even knows how to walk because she's only ever running from here to there, there to here, and no lie, in circles around anything and everything. She's a quick one. And Freshly Picked moccs are even awesome for all her marathon running endeavors!

golden rod freshly picked moccassins giveaway

Thankfully, they protect her feet well from all her falls; her knees on the other hand -- well they're not lookin' so hot these days!

E and I are really ready for Fall, and almost ready to meet her baby sis, who will surely be getting her own pair of FP moccs soon!!

free freshly picked moccasins giveaway september 2014

In the meantime, while we wait for the official start of Fall, let's celebrate!

If you'd like a pair of Freshly Picked moccasins for your own little one, or for the PERFECT shower gift for a momma-to-be or your favorite new baby in town, these will surely be a hit so enter below!!

And if you'd also like to win ALL SIX of the new Fall printables by The Barrtique (so you have an option to choose which to hang in your home or give as gifts!), enter below as well! They are available on SALE NOW for $4 each as instant downloads in my Etsy Shop. (If you win, I will refund you).

fall printables giveaway rustic modern the barrtique


There will be one winner. Contest begins Monday, September 1, 2014 and ends Sunday, September 7, 2014. Winner will be announced Monday, September 8, here on the blog {} and will be notified via email. Contest open to US residents only.

To win, you must be a blog follower of Becoming The Barr's {click on the right side of the blog to follow}. There are many ways to earn your entries below! Good luck!!

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

{Labor Day Sale} New Invitations Added to The Barrtique | Fall Themed Invitations

Happy Labor Day Weekend Everyone!! & Of course, Happy College Football Weekend! Love that background noise, love watching College Game Day in the mornings, and love the Fall feeling weather -- too bad it's still in the 90's here and too bad my hubby is working a 13 hour shift today. Hoping to get to that Fall weather soon to make football days feel that much better!! :)

To kick off Labor Day Weekend, there have been some new items added to the Etsy shop {shown below} - some Fall inspired invitations to suit your fall showers and celebrations :)

This weekend only (throughout Labor Day), shop at The Barrtique and use coupon code HOORAYLABORDAY to save 15% off your order!

rustic fall themed bridal shower invitation

rustic halloween fall themed engagement party or rehearsal dinner invitation

fall rustic stock the bar invitation

fall rustic stock the bar housewarming party invitation

rustic halloween party invitations

rustic feminine bachelorette party itinerary invitation; bachelorette party timeline invitation; bachelorette party schedule printable

black white stripe glitter bridal shower invitation floral

black white glitter baby shower invitation chic

ombre glitter first birthday invitation; pink ombre birthday party; teal ombre birthday invitation; ombre and glitter invitation



Be sure to check back here on Monday! To celebrate Labor Day week on Becoming The Barr's, we will be giving away a free pair of our very favorite FRESHLY PICKED moccasins!! {your choice of color and size - a $60 value}

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Home Tour Series {Nursery/Toddler Room} | coral, teal/turquoise, and gold nursery decor

In our historic 1922 built home, it's no surprise the rooms are tiny and the closets even tinier. But the character, charm, and coziness make up for it ten-fold. Glass knobs and built in glass cabinets make me a happy girl! Antique shops right around the corner might make me even happier. Oh how I love the rare times I get to take an hour to go peruse the antique shops for perfect little treasures to fill our home.

Coming up on this little space of mine will be a little series of our home tour. First up, the nursery/toddler combo room. Yes, they will be sharing and yes, we might be a little crazy. Wish us luck :)

For now, enjoy the photos -- much of the items are from either the antique shops, leftover from E's first birthday party , Target/Hobby Lobby or DIY'ed - just how I like it! I even busted out my sewing machine to make linens for the room - now that's a big deal for me ;)

coral, teal/turquoise, and gold nursery decor; tissue paper garland banner in nursery

It's a bit random without a real theme to it - but it's more of a soft palette mixed with a few pops of teal, turquoise and coral (which looks like hot pink in these photos?!). There are a few vintage touches mixed with modern patterns. Again, very random. I made the prints throughout the room and may be adding them to my shop soon (and still trying to figure out the perfect print or photo for that blank white frame).

That lamp was bought at Goodwill before having E and I revamped it (as shown in this post) and have now since revamped it again ;) That Goodwill lamp is seriously getting its $7 worth.

coral teal gold nursery

I made the light coral/peach blanket on E's bed which has gold swallows on it, and if you know us well, you might know about the swallow necklace I randomly put on the night before finding out I was pregnant with her and continued to wear throughout my whole pregnancy. It was pretty significant to us (J got the swallow tattoo in honor of this) and now she gets to sleep with them every night :)

nursery gold coral teal accents; lace fabric banner in nursery

The garland/banners were made using scrap fabrics and lace, some leftover from E's first birthday party and some leftover from items I made for the room.

coral, blue gold nursery; floating book shelves in nursery

The bookshelves throughout her room are actually picture ledges from They were actually cheaper when I bought them a month ago than they show now, plus a coupon code. So if you plan to get them, just wait a little :) They also sell them at Ikea, which we now realize we should have made a visit to before moving since we don't have the hate-to-love mega store here.

reading center nursery floating book shelves pillows

robins egg blue dresser robins egg changing table gold accents

There's our wonderful blue frame, also used in E's first nursery, and the birdcage mobile was a little DIY project. I made the changing pad cover and crib sheet from fabric at Hobby Lobby. Oh how I am SO happy to have my Hobby Lobby back!! It's been too long.

We will be putting baby girl's initial in that gold frame above her crib when she's born :) And a little gold bird in the bird cage. It's such an amazing thing trying to picture your sweet newborn laying in their peaceful little crib before they arrive. Can't wait to see that tiny baby :)

gold coral teal crib bedding nursery decor; birdcage mobile, diy fabric baby mobile

diy fabric strips crib mobile gold teal pink coral

coral teal gold little girls room

fabric garland in baby room with wall decor

That's E's little glitter gold bow in the small blue frame on the wall. She wore that often when her hair was first long enough for bows, and even wore it on her first Halloween with her Tinkerbell costume. We love it :)

gold teal/turquoise coral pink accents crib nursery gallery wall; watercolor prints in nursery

These pink carnations were placed at the greeting area of Aunt Kathy's funeral, in honor of breast cancer awareness. Always gotta have a little auntie touch -- and she loved decorating just as much as I do :)

diy changing pad cover, gold lamp with ruffles nursery, watercolor nursery print

I had a lot of fun putting this room together - definitely the most exciting room to decorate in the house!

gold teal coral nursery decor; gold teal coral baby room accents; gold teal coral gallery wall above changing table

Hopefully it creates a setting for both of my girls to fill with love! I know they would be just as happy in any room we create for them, even without vintage touches or pops of color, but now the room just has an added touch of love to build memories full of all of us reading together, cuddling together, and having little dance parties as E most definitely loves to do! Bring on the memories :)

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

'My First Book' Series Review | Best Baby Gift!

my first book series

It's no question that promoting early literacy leads to a lifetime of positive benefits. Now, let me preface this by stating that I'm not saying the younger children read, the better off they will be in life (in my opinion!). Every child learns at a different pace and reading will come with time. BUT, promoting literacy and understanding the connection between listening, recognizing, and interacting with all aspects of books/reading/writing in general in the early stages of life can only help encourage children to further their literacy development and fascination in all things book related as they grow!

best books for kids to learn shapes

I think I've made it known here, or at least those of you who know us, know we LOVE books! I have read to E since she was born. I'd point out things in books I knew she had no understanding of, but thought if I started then and kept going, surely it would make an impact at someee point! At 21 months now, I love watching her sit at her several reading stations throughout our home and flip through books while I wonder what she is thinking as she skims through each page.

best baby gift book ideas

So anyway, when award-winning author Sophie Helenek gave us the opportunity to explore her book series geared at babies and tots, we happily jumped on it and I was thrilled to receive them in the mail! Sophie is a kind and adventurous momma (yes, she was the youngest French woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest!) AND a Mom’s Choice Awards® Gold Recipient, who is seemingly on a mission now to promote early learning via her fun and interactive picture book series.

The My First Book series, which includes Fruits, Shapes, Sky Wonders and Musical Instruments, is a series of books full of colorful pages created to encourage babies' imagination and desire for learning. Or, at least it surely does just that with my little one!

baby book ideas for babies

best books for 6 month old babies

E has such a fascination with these books. The moment I opened up the mail while she was eating lunch, I sat down next to her and we started flipping through. I had never gone over musical instruments with her before (being that hubby and I are not very musically inclined) and after going through the book once, she had almost all the instruments down. The next day, my husband went through the book with her and she pointed out her current favorite page and said "Trumpet!" while making the most hilarious sound possible, and he was amazed. She also sticks her hand out and pretends to play the violin when she sees that page. And I crack up.

Yes, I'm a momma who is just enamored of her child's innocent love of learning and think everything is just the cutest that comes out of her mouth!

best books for newborns

She's just about got the shapes down, however we're struggling with colors around here! She knows the color words (and for some reason, saying "yellow" is her favorite) but actually recognizing the colors is the main thing we are working on with her these days. These books are perfect for that, as each page shows an image in several different bold colors, where I can ask her to "show Mommy the yellow star," or the blue, red, etc. In every book, whether Fruits or Instruments, we can also go over colors at the same time, so surely I love it!

my first book series; shapes book, fruits book, sky and planets book, musical instruments book

E's loving the Sky Wonders book and has gotten pretty good with it, aside from thinking the crescent moon is a banana -- but hey, we're workin' on that! Ha :)

baby learning about planets and sky

baby learning about fruits

Looking at the books has helped her recognize so many items and she's already increased her ever-growing vocabulary just from flipping through them. She can now recognize the difference between a pineapple and an apple, and can hand me the correct book depending on which title I ask from her.

gift ideas for new moms and babies

best books for baby shower

She's getting pretty good over here, folks! And I'm so excited to have this series for her little sister on the way! The black and white images will really pop for a new baby and slowly introducing the pages to our newest little one will make me a happy momma - even if she isn't quite learning the items's a start and we have to start somewhere! This series is the perfect place to start - and makes a wonderful gift for moms-to-be, brand new babies, and growing tots alike.

my first book series reviews; my first book series discount

So run on over (or click on over) to get yourself or your favorite new momma a discounted set of the My First Book series!! Just use this link to save 10% now as a Becoming the Barr's reader!! :)

It's never too early to promote literacy development in your favorite little reader's life! Do them a favor and encourage them as early as possible -- imagination sparks creativity and intelligence every day in all of us, right!?

toddler reading books