Saturday, September 22, 2012

My "Ready to Pop" Themed Baby Shower!

Why yes, I am 'ready to pop'! about 6 1/2 weeks :) My sister knows just how much of a popcorn enthusiast I am, which is why she was inspired to go with a "Ready to Pop" baby shower theme for me. How appropriate! And well, I loved it! Check out these creative ideas... (from someone who swears she doesn't have a creative bone in her body..)

{the details}

Ready to pop baby shower theme; baby shower theme ideas
Loved this table of goodies, all "pop" related, decorated beautifully

ready to pop shower
To the right was the table guests were greeted by when they walked in. {A memory plate to sign, game gifts, a 'ready to pop' photo of me, individual pages for each guest to fill out for my super cute guestbook from The Guestbook Store ((more on this to come)), and a photo book filled with photos from my blog of my pregnancy!}

pregnancy chalkboard tracker book
Photo book filled with my chalkboard photos :) Get to see page by page how the belly has grown each week.  I love that my sister put this together for me!

the guestbook store guestbook review; diy baby girl diaper cake
The Guestbook Store book on the left and the diaper cake on the right. (How cute is that guestbook cover and how cute are those shoes on top?!)

baby shower table ideas

baby shower favor ideas
The favors! I absolutely love these chocolate bar wrappers -- check out the ultrasound photo on the front! And that poem on the back...awwww!

things that pop baby shower goodies
Johnson's Popcorn! Traveled all the way from the boardwalk of Ocean City, NJ. :) Guests also got to bring a piece of the shore home by filling the popcorn bags with some Johnson's :)  "Things that POP" goodies included Ring Pops, Blow Pops, Pop Rocks, and more!

things that pop baby shower ideas
Other goodies having to do with the "POP" theme included Oreo Truffle Pops and Rice Crispy treats (snap, crackle, pop!) In addition to the Chik-Fil-A popcorn chicken :) Mmm...

baby shower punch recipe; baby shower drink table
It's not a shower in our family without Auntie's punch recipe. Alcoholic for most, non-alcoholic for meee! :)

breast cancer napkins for shower event
Remembering Auntie in other ways too. Like these very cute and powerful "Stomp out breast cancer" napkins. And the platter that she got Heather for Christmas.  What a beautiful keepsake we will always remember her by at each event and holiday. {Tear....}

create memories platter gift
Thank you, Aunt Katthy! We will always create memories and know you will be there to celebrate with us in spirit.

With details like this, how could we NOT create fabulous memories and celebrate the life we are about to bring onto Earth? Baby girl and I are very lucky to be surrounded by people who love us so much! :) These details created a beautiful backdrop for memories to be made by our closest family and friends.


Cue the photo memories:

{the moments}

sisters at baby shower
Sisters on the left and sisters on the right! This will be them in 25 years :)   {Had to have the FSU game on}

baby shower guess the belly size game
Played games....{Momma knows best! while Vanessa knows, well, not-so-best}

baby shower fun games
Hung out..played more games..laughed a bunch :)

baby shower candid photography
Caught up with old friends...

baby shower punch cheers
Toasted with glasses of Auntie's yummy punch...

baby shower pink champagne toast
And toasted with glasses of pink champagne thanks to Aunt Marylu :) Cheers to baby love!!

babies playing at baby shower
Little ones played...

friends touching baby belly baby shower photography
And friends adored our little one to come.

husband at baby shower
Husband came for a visit..{AFTER the FSU win}

4 generation photos; baby shower family picture
Took some '4 generation' photos :) Love these.

opening gifts at baby shower
And opened wonderful gifts thanks to all of our family and friends! Check out the baby scrubs, embroidered with her name :) I'll have to bring her to the hospital in those to have lunch with J!

friends drinking at baby shower
Yay for catching up with friends! Love our Florida friends and missed our Georgia friends!

family baby shower photography
And I really, really, love hanging with these cousin sisters :) This will be our babies in 25 years! Note to self: Do something with you hair! You barely fit in with the family anymore...

baby shower gift for husband; baby poem from baby girl to daddy
Gave my husband a poem from baby girl. Figured I was pampered all day so he deserved something, too.
Poem read: 

You can't see me yet
But I can't wait to be there.
I hear you always, Daddy,
From inside Mommy's belly -- you know where.

Your voice excites me
As I grow big and strong.
Soon I'll be in your arms,
And you can teach me right from wrong.

While I wait, I really wonder what you're all about.
Do I have your eyes, mouth, laugh, or big toe?
Daddy, please teach me about letters, sports,
and all I need to know.

You are needed oh so much
To make my life complete.
So, please always be there for mommy and me,
As I sing from the backseat.

We will be together soon,
For us 3 to love each other more than anything in the world.
And sometimes, you and me will cuddle --
Just Daddy and his girl.
baby shower hostess gift ideas
And the gift for the hostesses. Filled with shower gel, lotion, body sprays, loofa, and candy. Tag read:
Thank you for making my shower so wonderful --
Hope this can make yours wonderful, too!     
baby shower group photography It was truly a day to remember. I absolutely loved every moment of the day, from being surrounded by love to catching up with friends in South Florida -- I couldn't have imagined the day without all of you :) We were certainly showered with love, and baby girl will be so lucky to meet each and every one of you who contributed to making our day so special.


  1. Wow your sister did an amazing job. Cutest baby shower I've seen. Loved all the little details.

  2. i just started following your blog...cute shower!! also, how do you collage/frame your photos?? id love to know how to! L.

  3. Love you sister!! You and baby girl only deserve the best!! <3 <3 You captured the day just beautifully!!!!!!

  4. Looks like an amazing shower! Love your dress

  5. These are great diapers. They stay in place, are very absorbent, and do not permit leaks. These are our favorite out of all diapers. They fit so much better and don't leak nearly as often.. haven't leaked yet actually unless you need a bigger size. Good indicator!