Friday, September 27, 2013

That time it became semi-impossible to take photos of Baby E...

There was a day -- not too long ago -- where I could plop my little one anywhere I wanted and get a great shot with ease. All by myself, at that!

Gone are those day?! Who knows.

Shots like this:

how to get babies to sit still when taking their photo

or this..

6 month baby blue eyes natural photography; 6 month lifestyle photos

Well those were easy peasy. Ya know, just randomly amidst changing her or in between switching activities, we'd lay down quick to snap some monthly photos, and a few minutes later I was pretty happy with what I was able to capture in that short amount of time.






Now, I looove me some candid photos! Don't get me wrong. Really, that's all I ever take these days, aside from the occasional "oooh, let's take some real photos of her" here and there.



And it seems candids are pretty much all we'll be seeing for the next 4 years or so until I can potentially get her to pause for a millisecond to take a slightly-posed photo-- if that happens then haha. But I'm okay with that!

As I've said, I do loove me some candids, especially mid-play when having fun or exploring.

10 month baby photos at the park much I'm okay with mostly candids, we've gone the first 10 months of her life taking these monthly photos.

monthly photos of the year monthly stickers


monthly stickers photo ideas

So, it only seems appropriate to finish out the year.

Meaning: only 2 more sweat fests-- full of millions of shutter clicks, rolling baby girl back into position a gazillion and 4 times, having her laugh her butt off at us for moving so dang quick and looking back to see how close we are, and tons and tons of roars, laughs, and giggly screams that make us lose our voice to get her eyes to look at us at the same time as a smile out of her. Wish us luck. Ha.

After all, this is all for HER to have for when she's older, right?! Ha....yea. okay.

outtakes 10 month baby outtakes
'Look, guys, I can hula dance' (last pic on the right)

outtakes baby picture outtakes
'Hahaha, you want me to sit still? Suckers!'

'Tell me to smile one more time...see if it works!'

'I'm ready, ready, ready to take off. Try and get a pic, ma!'

'I'll just schmooze Daddy a bit..try and distract him, you know..'

'Maybe I'll empty this entire basket and pretend like I like to play with this stuff that I never touch'

'What, you guys are giving up on takin' my picture? Oh, by the way, I love you Daddy!'


'Muahaha -- while these fools are laying on the rug resting up after sweating their butts off, I'll have me some fun. What's up here?!'

'Ooh, Momma gave up on takin' my pics and decided to play with my blocks. Let me go mess them up!'

'....and then proceed to climb my chair!'

Yes, yes, these were fun photos to take, as you can see! Haha. And just take a look at what her sticker looked like by the time it came off. Most of her other stickers are pristine!

And perhaps the saddest end to the photoshoot....that beloved blue frame she decided to push over? Well, it broke :(

Despite the (fun) craziness these monthly photos may have entailed, I will at least attempt 11 and 12 month photos. Daddy is actually going to be gone during the 11 month photos, so don't be surprised if it's just a photo of her in a downward dog yoga position. We can't just skip the next 2 months, can we? I mean, can't you hear it now 'Mom, you took 10 months worth of these pics and really couldn't do 11 and 12..really?..Awesome."

If she were the 4th child like myself and barely had any photos of her, then yes, perhaps that's what I'd hear. But let's be honest, this gal -- the first child -- will have the complete opposite outlook. "Mom, did you REALLY have to take THAT many photos of me...?"

Yes, baby girl, yes I did!

Say cheese!



  1. Gorgeous pictures! Do you talk about the camera you use, how you get such great shots of a little one and do you use photoshop? I would be so interested to learn how to take better picture of my daughter. :)

  2. Hehe I love candid pictures too. Trying to take Kendall's 11 month pictures started out bad cause she didn't want to sit long enough for pictures so I had to bust out the rocking chair. She is just beautiful and how sad that the blue frame broke :(

  3. when my gal learned to walk/climb our stairs lightening fast i knew sweet pictures were on hold for a bit. now all i can get are shots of the back of her head while she's focused on something for a hot second. what a pistol.

  4. haha love the play by play! so sad to see your frame broke :(

  5. this is such a cute idea for baby's first months! I love it
    xo your newest follower Jess
    stop by when ya get a chance

  6. Hi Charlene!

    1. Oh my goodness your daughter is adorable and her eyes are BEAUTIFUL! 2. My daughter was born Nov 2nd - close in age :) 3. I am your newest follower - loving your blog already. Hope you'll stop by and follow along with me, my husband, and little Ava.
    All the Best,

    P.S. Great photos!